Equine solarium

Equine Solarium

6 infrared bulb solarium made from galvanised steel, adjustable height and flexible bulb adjustment for storage.

  • To support your equine’s happiness and well being

  • To dry damp horses after washing

  • To help warm the horse’s muscles before exercise, as part of a pre-warm-up routine, to help improve suppleness and reduce the risk of injury

  • To encourage blood flow, whether this is to help the horse relax after exercise or to support the healing phase of back injuries

  • Increasing cellular metabolism and thus useful to treat horses that are prone to tying up

  • Infrared light has also proven to help with stimulating the immune system and providing vitamin D, an essential vitamin in the absorption of calcium and phosphate minerals

  • Promote relaxation & Reduces tension in the back area


Arena Leveller

5x 4 ft Leveller made from galvanised steel and can be attached to a tractor or quad. An effective piece of kit for every working arena and can be easily stored upright.

  • 5x4 ft

  • Galvanised Steel


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